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Honest Mechanic?

Warning to vehicle owners!

Most agree that a large majority of auto mechanics are NOT honest!DishonestMechanic.JPG
Performing your own scan on your vehicle will empower you with the information to keep your mechanic accountable. Scan your own vehicle with one of our scanners. We can help you choose one here.

Most mechanics and dealer service centers do not want you equipped with your own scanner. They would prefer to keep you 'in the dark' about what is going on with your vehicle. This leaves you vulnerable to extra charges and dishonest fees. Own your own scanner before your next trip to the shop.    

Why pay fees to know what's wrong with your car?
Mechanics and dealer service centers charge a premium fee for reading your cars on-board-computer. You can do this yourself with an Alpha-Bid.com scanner. Many of which cost less than the price of just one engine scan.




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