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Handheld Auto Scanner / Code Reader
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Handheld Auto Scanner / Code Reader

Read and RESET your engine light.
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Full Feature Scanning including 'LIVE DATA'. Read all Trouble Codes & Definitions related to the "Check Engine Light", Save & Review results, Reset the trouble light, Monitor & Freeze-Frame Data, +more. Also retrieves the VIN (vehicle identification number) on supported vehicles.

User Manual

Some of the systems the U581 will monitor:
Misfire, Fuel System, Comprehensive components (ccm), EGR System, Oxygen sensors, Catalyst, Evaporative, O2 Sensor heater, Secondary air, Heated Catalyst, A/C System and many more...


»Includes: Scanner, OBD2 Cable, User Manual, Case.
»'LIVE DATA': Displays current RPM, engine coolant temperature, vehicle speed, oxigen sensor data, and much more.
»Large 128 x 64 Back-lit LCD Display.
»Displays Code Definitions on screen. No looking up the code in a book!
»Reading & Erasing of trouble codes (stops the CHECK ENGINE light).
»Retrieves the VIN (vehicle identification number) on supported vehicles.
»Wider vehicle coverage with OBD2 & CAN-BUS protocol support.
»Displays over 700 possible error codes. Displays Multiple Codes, Pending Codes, Generic & Manufacturer Specific Codes.
»Views OBD II Freeze Frame data.
»Indicates the Malfunction Indicator Lamp status.
»Resets OBD2 Monitor Status.
»Displays I/M Readiness status. 
»Safely communicates with the vehicles on-board computer. Gets its power from the vehicles OBD 2 plug. The battery is for off-vehicle functions.



»16-pin OBD2 Standard Socket.
»128 x 64 Back-lit LCD Display with contrast.
»External power: 10 to 15.0 volts provided by vehicle battery.
»Internal Power: 9V cell battery.
»FCC & CE Certified. 

Warranty / Returns
»Returns accepted within 14 days of receipt. 




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